To puppies with love...

Hi, my name is Ewelina. I live in Szczecin, and I am the owner of DRESS YOUR PUPPY the company based in Szczecin. I am an animal behaviourist.

I have three "children": Rosół and Blacki - cute mongrels (mix-breed) and DYP.

The company is my passion: I supervise every stage of production, take care of every smallest detail and choose the highest quality materials.

All things are made in Poland by us.

When I don't work, I train krav-maga and enjoy live music.

My biggest dream, which I hope to achieve is to create a home for elderly animals. 

I sincerely hope that your puppy and you will love "Dress your puppy" products because I focus on:

* Comfort - the most important for me is the comfort of your dog - I focus on practical use because appearance is not everything ????

* Quality - I choose everything myself, I am checking the quality of both material and product personally (Rosół and Blacki help me the most with that)

* Original and personalised - everything without exception can be tailor-made for your dog - let him/her feel like a star ???? plus no mismatched products.

Hugs and kisses

Ewelina, Rosół and Blacki